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Automatic sewing machine Jack JK-5878-68 for folding pockets and making cuts on clothes (pocket machine). x 12,0 mm
Sewing and making a central cut can be done at one time.
The following types of pockets are processed in the JK-T5878-68 machine: with parallel double grind, with parallel single grind,
with the possibility of sewing a pocket with a valve.
1. The time required to change the machine settings has been significantly reduced.
2. The corner knives are easy to adjust.
3. A sensor that detects a break in the thread. If the needle thread breaks during sewing, the sensor can instantly stop the machine.
An incredible increase in quality with an increase in quantity.

Higher tension stitches / straight stitches / reverse feed stitches: 0.5-1.5mm / 2.0-3.5mm / 1.0-3.5mm
Number of reinforced stitches (reverse feed stitches / higher tension stitches): 0-10
Side trim device (sewing length): 20-240mm
Sewing speed: 2000-3000 rpm.
Supported languages: Chinese, English
Production Efficiency: 2000/1800 / 8h
Number of programs: 50
Number of cycle programs: 6
LED Locations: 4
Needle: MTX190
Rated voltage of power supply: 220 V
Barometric pressure: 0.6 MPa