Our story

In 1921 Mr. Gentile Foggiato was appointed manager of the Montebelluna branch for the Singer company thanks to the Marshall Plan. He will later take over the company.

The company will specialize in industrial sewing under Gentile’s son, Luigino, and, by the 1970s, it became the leading retailer of PFAFF sewing machines for footwear in Italy.

In the late 80s, success encouraged the company to specialize more in wholesale distribution for retailers around Italy. The first large warehouse in the north-east were set up. It stocked new and second-hand machines for each sector: Coats, Fur products, Knitwear, Underwear, Upholstery, Leather goods, Footwear, Sails and more.

This decision turned out to be so successful that the company eventually set up a second new warehouse to meet the growing demand.

The Foggiato family has kept on investing in this sector over the years, strengthening its commercial relations with leading companies around the world, importing and exporting goods on an increasingly global scale.

In 2004, Luigino Foggiato’s sons, Paolo and Francesco, doubled, or even tripled the size of the business, setting up a three-floor warehouse for all CUTTING – PRESSING – SEWING equipment.

The company now has a storage area covering more than 4,000 square metres which currently stocks over 4,000 products.

There is now also an in-house workshop where all the machines are tested before shipment or delivery, further increasing the speed and efficiency of the service provided by the Foggiato company.

The new website, which features all the latest equipment we have collected (from renovated, moved abroad or closed companies), is invaluable to our company as it allows us to meet most of our customers’ needs in a quick and efficient manner. This is thanks to the video content and photographs that accompany the descriptions of all the products.