PFAFF 937-32-23-900-24-910-04-911-35-918-14BSX6-DN24



Category Zig-Zag machine


Sewing top collar to undercollar , top feed transport and differential , Ful automatic

  • The subclass -32/23 for accurate application of fullness at the undercollar in the shoulder area
  • Variable top feed for shift-free joining of parts
  • Optimum, high-powered feed system and good stitch formation
  • High seam quality - thanks to low thread tension values
  • Very low thread tension required for a constant, superior seam = no tension puckering
  • Quiet low-vibration operation even at top speed
  • Very good feed properties with a very low sewing foot pressure result in optimum, smooth seams
  • Minimum material displacement due to the optimum needle bar cinematics (straight needle entry)