VIBEMAC 3022 WB 406



Category Chainstitch / Coverstitch / Multi needle
Category Cylinder-Bed machine
Category Waist-band machine (classic and jeans)


This automatic unit offers solution for attaching the waistand to denim and casual pants with a “single piece” method. All the 3022WB201 series are equipped with a sewing head entirely developed by Vi.Be.Mac.’s R&D department. Our customers have a vast choice of different models with various needle configurations and gauges.


This unit automatically attaches waistbands to jeans, casual trousers and denim jackets. The 3022WB201 series are equipped with Vi.Be.Mac sewing head, which uses the transport system of combined drop feed and needle feed. Thanks to this exclusive transport system, the unit can attach the waistband perfectly in one piece. Folding the edges at the beginning and the end of waistband is done manually. Also, this unit boasts a belt transport system that acts as a third hand and avoids skipped stitches hence subsequently increases the quality of final product. Finally, the machine is equipped with an automatic back chain thread trimmer.

The sewing head available have the following technical characteristics:

  • 2 – 4 needles in chain stitch;
  • 2 needles in lock stitch;

The unit can perform both types of stitching separately or they can be combined in the FLX model (patented system unique worldwide).
Optional: Patented pneumatic scissors that make a clean and precise cut thus decreasing the operator’s efforts and increasing quality and productivity of the final product