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Durkopp Adler

Category Automatic Machine


Freely programmable sewing unit for runstitching and trimming of small partsThe sewing unit 739-23-1 offers an excellent solution for runstitching and simultaneous trimming of small parts like flaps,waistband extensions, cuffs, collars etc.The flexibility of the sewing unit allowsthe free programming of seam courses aswell as the self-manufacture of templates.The new template with triple memorychip support increases the flexibility ofuse. It allows runstitching of three different waistband extension shapes, e.g.round, angular or straight, with only onetemplate.A size-adjustable template for the production of cuffs enables quick adaptation tovarious cuff lengths and sizes.Precise edge trimming and the alwaysconstant seam course are characteristicof the sewing unit 739-23-1. The templatefeed is effected via a belt drive. The template with its integrated toothing is directly positioned on a tooth belt to follow theseam course as per control.