Know how old are the sewing machines is it really important?

Know how old are the sewing machines is it really important?

When you are buying a used car, the first information you take to understand its condition are the mileage traveled and the registration’s year.

If it is possible to identify how old is a car, the same does not happen with the sewing machines as their age is usually not recognizable.

In fact, the generation can be identified more than the year of construction of the machine. This is possible just checking the color, the presence of some devices or some technical details.

But how much important is it to know the age of a used sewing machine?

The importance is truly negligible.

Much more important is to know if the sewing machine we are interested in has been subjected to careful and periodic maintenance or if it has only been hardly used until the parts worn out.

Furthermore, many technicians find that some versions of the same machine are better than others or, as happens for some machines originally produced in Europe show higher quality than the newer ones produced in Asia.

Therefore, when we decide to buy a used sewing machine, we can neglect the construction period to focus on the conditions of your interested machine turning to dealers able to offer a wide range of used sewing machines different by type, price and brands.

Foggiato sewing machines, in addition to the presence of a very large number of new, used or remanufactured sewing machines in every brand and type, can count on the presence of specialized technicians not only for the mechanical part but also in the electronics of the machines, thus being able to offer its customers a product that is always carefully checked and revised.

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